Computer Engineers do it bit by bit


Hi there, I’m Alin

It’s looks like you’ve stumbled onto my personal blog. This is where I post all kinds of random content and personal life updates I enjoy sharing with my Internet friends.

Rather than just rabbitting on about myself, likes/dislikes, upbringing, education etc., I thought it might be more interesting to see just what the internet can provide and build a sort of “graphical annotated memory link list” or something!, which I’ll no doubt keep adding to when I find more stuff…

I collaborate mostly on web design and brand identity, but I’m experienced in building all kinds of quality, strategic design, both on the web and in print.

I think for now it’s best to leave this page mostly empty and I will continue updating it as we go along.  Really, though, the whole site is an “about page” of sorts, making this one a bit overly simplified and redundant, but I guess it really should be here. Let’s see how it goes…